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Advisory by EoI Athens - 12 June 2020

Embassy of India


Dear Fellow Citizen,
Greetings from the Embassy of India, Athens!

 This is regarding your evacuation to India through Paris or Frankfurt.  This is to advise that the sales of tickets for special Air India flights to various destinations in India under the 'Vande Bharat' Mission(VBM) have commenced  from June 10, 2020 via Frankfurt and Paris.  You may book your tickets directly from Air India's website. Registration with the Embassy is mandatory for traveling on VBM flights

 2. For those transiting via Paris may note that Indian nationals are allowed visa free transit  through the  international zone in France  for 24 hours only.  French Ministry of  Foreign Affairs  has confirmed that Indian nationals transiting via Paris CDG airport (including  Schengen countries) to board the VBM flights originating from Paris need to carry the proforma (self-attested) as below. On page 1, they must tick the fourth category, that is, the one meant for transit passengers. Further, on page 2, there is a self-attestation saying that they do not have Covid symptoms. The format is appended below (English translation).  Passengers intending to avail the VBM flights should  be advised to carry the duly  filled proforma.

 3.  For those transiting via Frankfurt, please see advisory issued by the Embassy of India, Berlin at the following link :

 4.  Please contact the Embassy once your ticket is booked to enable us send you a letter with your necessary details, for the purpose of your smooth travel. 

 5.  Please ensure to carry the following documents with you while you travel from Greece to India.

 a.    The confirmed ticket issued by Air India for your journey from Paris/Frankfurt    to   destination in India;

b.    Valid passport; and

c.    The letter from the Embassy;

 6.    As also informed to you earlier, you have to separately provide following mandatory undertaking before taking the special VBM flight from Frankfurt /Paris (Available at Air India website at:  Additionally, you need to fill up and submit a signed Government of India  undertaking (as attached) certifying as under :

•        That you agree to be quarantined at the station of first landing in India.

•        That you will pay for your quarantine during the mandatory period of 14 days.

•        That you will not insist on returning to your state of domicile/home city  (if quarantined at in a state other than your home state/city) before completing the  mandatory period of quarantine of 14 days.

•          That after the quarantine period is over, you will return to your state of domicile/home city, either by making your own arrangements or through the arrangements facilitated by the Resident Commissioner/ nodal Officer of the concerned State.

 7.         Please book your check-in baggage to your final destination in India from Greece while making air bookings from Greece to Paris/Frankfurt and Paris/Frankfurt to India.

 Stay safe and well!

 Jai Hindi!