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Government of India launched a scheme called “Scholarship Programme for Diaspora Children” (SPDC), in the academic year 2006-2007, for the children of Persons of Indian Origin (PIOs) and Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) to assist them in pursuing Under Graduate courses in Indian Universities/Institutes.


Under SPDC scheme financial assistance for specific undergraduate courses in Professional and Non-Professional courses (except Medical and related courses) is provided towards tuition fee, admission fee and post admission services.

The scheme is applicable to NRIs and PIOs from 66 select countries as listed at Appendix-A.


Scholarship shall be provided to 150 selected students, without earmarking NRIs/ PIOs. 50 out of these 150 scholarships are earmarked for Children of Indian workers (CIWG) in the 17 Emigration Check Required (ECR) countries

subject to fulfilling eligibility conditions. Of these 50 scholarships 1/3rd shall be reserved for children who are pursuing studies in India, subject to fulfilling eligibility conditions. If any of these seats are not filled up, they will be made available to applicants from other categories under SPDC and vice-versa.

ECR countries are: Afghanistan, Bahrain, Indonesia, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Malaysia, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, Thailand, United Arab Emirates and Yemen.


4.1 Nationality:
  1. SPDC is awarded to following four categories:
    1. Children of Person of Indian Origin

    2. Children of Non-Resident Indian
    1. Children of Indian Workers in ECR countries studying outside India
    1. Children of Indian Workers in ECR countries studying in India
Definitions about these four categories are given below:

(b) "Persons of Indian Origin" (PIOs) shall mean the Persons who are citizens of other countries (except Pakistan and Bangladesh) who at any time held an Indian Passport, or who or either of his/her parent or any of his/her grandparent was a citizen of India by virtue of provisions of the Constitution of India or Section 2 (B) of Citizenship Act, 1955 (Act No. 57 of 1955).

Applicants are required to provide documentary evidence towards proof of Indian nationality or Indian origin.

Persons of India Origin (PIOs) applicants are expected to submit proof of Indian origin, preferably a valid PIO card or OCI card issued by the Government of India.

Those who cannot submit documentary evidence of Indian origin are required to submit declaration about Indian origin. Format is at Appendix B.

In the absence of any documentary evidence about Indian origin, an affidavit from the applicant attested by the Head of Indian Mission concerned verifying the Indian Origin status of the applicant may be submitted.

(c) ` "NRI" in this context means Non -Resident Indians as defined in Income Tax Act, 1961 with the following clarifications:

An individual is Non-Resident, when he/she is "not a resident" or who is "not ordinarily resident". A person is treated as "not ordinary resident" when any of the following conditions is satisfied.
  1. If he/she has not been resident in India in nine out of ten preceding years; (OR)
  1. If he/she has not been in India for a period of 730 days or more during the preceding seven years.
Note: Cut-off date to decide the NRI status is last date of the preceding financial year i.e. 31.03.2017.

(d.) Children of Indian Workers in ECR countries (for the purpose of availing scholarship under SPDC):

Children of Indian workers must have had at least 3 (three) years of education in any of the ECR countries (Afghanistan, Bahrain, Indonesia, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Malaysia, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, Thailand, United Arab Emirates and Yemen) during the last 6 (six) years and passed the qualifying examination inclusive of 11th and 12th standard or equivalent (not beyond).

(e.) To apply under the quota under category of Children of Indian Workers in ECR countries, who are left behind in India, the candidate must have passed the Senior Secondary (10+2) or equivalent examination from a system of education recognized by the Association of Indian Universities (AIU).

(f) Children of PIO/OCI/NRI who have not passed the qualifying examination from a foreign country except in the case of children of ECR country workers (category 4.1.a.iv above), are not eligible for SPDC.

(g) Children of Indians residing in Nepal will be eligible for SPDC on fulfillment of following two criteria:

(i) Both parents should be registered in the Mission/Post in Nepal for a minimum period of four years.

(ii) The applicant has done at least four years schooling including two years of classes XI & XII in Nepal just prior to application.

4.2 Age:

The SPDC is open to applicants in the age group of 17 to 21 years as on 1st October 2017. Applicants born on or after 1st October, 1996 and before 1st October, 2000 are eligible to apply. Date of birth as recorded in the Secondary Education Board/University Certificate of Class 10th or equivalent, or as mentioned in a certificate for this purpose issued by appropriate Government authorities of respective countries will be taken as authentic for this purpose.

4.3 Academic Qualification:

Qualifying Examination: The candidate must have passed the Senior Secondary (10+2) or equivalent examination from a system of education recognized by the Association of Indian Universities (AIU), with requisite subjects.

Minimum Marks in qualifying Examination: The candidate must have secured a minimum of 60% aggregate marks or equivalent grades in aggregate of all the subjects in the qualifying examination.

Subjects of Study in Qualifying Examination: The candidate must have studied the prescribed essential subjects at the qualifying examination level to pursue a particular course of study. Details of Institutions and Courses offered are as given at Appendix-C.

Applicants/candidates who passed the qualifying examination (10+2) and has secured admission in an undergraduate course in the designated Institution in India (as per Appendix E) and fulfill other eligibility criteria can apply for SPDC. Such candidates will be shortlisted on the basis of marks/score obtained at 10+2 level along with submission of proof of Admission Letter issued by the Institution, duly stamped and signed by Authorized Signatory of that Institution and other required documents submitted online (on SPDC portal).

It shall be the responsibility of the candidates to ascertain whether they meet the eligibility criterion for application under SPDC Scholarship scheme. Eligibility of candidates, in doubtful cases, would be decided by Ministry of External Affairs.

4.4 INCOME CRITERIA: Income criteria will be applicable to all categories of candidates i.e. NRIs & PIOs

The total monthly income of the parent(s) of the candidate should not exceed an amount equivalent to US Dollars Four thousand (US$ 4000). The applicants’ parents will provide a self attested salary certificate from the employer, an undertaking about family income as mentioned in clause 11.1.ii.m below and annual income tax return wherever necessary.

4.5 Candidates availing scholarship/financial assistance/any other assistance under any other Scheme sponsored and/or funded by State Government / Central Government of India shall not be eligible for assistance under SPDC. Candidates /

parents/Guardians are required to sign a declaration as at Appendix D.
  1. Existing beneficiaries shall continue to get the scholarships till the completion of their courses, if otherwise eligible.
After obtaining admission in selected course in any of the institutes as mentioned in Appendix ‘C’, students who fulfill all other eligibility conditions can complete and submit the online application form on the SPDC portal (


In case, any information, certificate or declaration, as furnished by an applicant is found to be false or furnished willfully to hide material fact(s), the grant of scholarship to him/her will be withdrawn forthwith and no further correspondence will be entertained on this matter. The amount of scholarship already paid to such candidate would be recoverable from the candidate/parents/guardian. The decision of MEA would be final in this regard.


Selection process will be based exclusively on ‘MERIT’:

6.1 Receipt/Registration of Applications:



6.2 List of SPDC Awardees:

A List of candidates awarded scholarship in each category of candidates would be drawn up on the basis of marks obtained by all the eligible candidates in +2 (or equivalent) exam in the following manner:

The priority of candidates will be based on the aggregate marks obtained in all the subjects of qualifying exam (+2 or equivalent).

In the case of 2 or more candidates getting the same aggregate % of marks, the priority will be decided by considering their marks in English.

A student scoring higher marks on the above criteria would have higher priority as compared to the student scoring less marks. In rare cases, where two or more applicants have a tie on the basis of above criteria, the Merit/Priority shall be decided on the basis of date of birth [As per Christian Era] of the student. The senior student would be preferred to the younger.

In case of any further tie, MEA will follow, the criteria as appropriate to the situation.

In case, a candidate has passed from an Examining Body which award only Grades and does not disclose marks obtained by them, the candidate would be required to submit the Range of the Grades adopted by the concerned Board/Examining Body and the Merit/Priority in such cases, would be decided on the basis of average/mean of the Range of the Grade scored by the candidate in each subject.

The decision of Committee in this regard shall be final and binding on all concerned.

List of first 150 eligible candidates category wise shall be prepared by the Selection Committee in the Ministry

Student’s complete name:

Date of birth:

Score obtained at 10+2 level:

Name of the Institution (where admission has been obtained): Name of the Course in which admission has been obtained:

List of selected candidates will be posted on the website of Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) and SPDC Portal (

Candidates shall give their consent about acceptance of scholarship through

e-mail to Ministry of External Affairs within 7 days of publication of the 1st list of shortlisted candidates.

In case of delay in scholarship payment, the candidate is required to pay the due amount to the Institution. Scholarship payment shall be released only on receipt from the Ministry of External Affairs.


Thereafter, candidates (names displayed in Selection List) shall submit an undertaking (Appendix E) duly stamped & signed by the respective Institution (within 15 days of display of 1st merit list) on the letter head of the Institution that as per the requirements of SPDC Guidelines the Institute shall submit required documentation online from time to time. These documentations comprise of:

The amount of Tuition fee, hostel fee and other fees charged (per annum), Progress Report of the Student, for calculation of scholarship amount, Bank details of the Institution for online transfer of scholarship funds.

Appendix – E shall be received in MEA/its designated Agency By email (scanned version) within 15 days at
  • By post/ in person (Original) within 22 days of the display of merit list to Section Officer (OIA-II), Ministry of External Affairs, Room no. 1025, Akbar Bhawan, Chankyapuri, New Delhi-110021.
Confirmation of scholarship benefit to these candidates will depend upon the consent of their Institution (APPENDIX E) to comply with the guidelines of SPDC Scheme.

Based on the fee receipts, the student shall be sent an OFFER LETTER which shall contain details of the scholarship amount admissible to the student.


(a) In the First Year: Partial financial assistance to the extent of 75% of the total Institutional Economic Cost (IEC) subject to a maximum of US $ Four Thousand (US$ 4,000) per annum in respect of NITs and other institutions covered under DASA Scheme with effect from the academic year 2011-2012 (pertaining to those Institutes who had increased Tuition Fee for the academic Year 2011-12 and onwards);

And where there is no increase in tuition fees for the academic year 2011-2012, the existing limit of 75% of IEC or US$ 3600, whichever is less would continue and would be made by the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India to the applicants selected for the SPDC scheme. IEC includes Tuition fee, Hostel fee & other institutional charges. (Food charges are excluded).

(b) For Second and Subsequent Years: The parameters for continuation of scholarship to selected applicants for the second and subsequent years of study are as follows:

(i) Students securing 50% marks in aggregate in an academic year with clear pass marks in all subjects of study, would be eligible to receive the maximum admissible scholarship i.e. 75% of IEC or US$ Four Thousand only (US$ 4,000), in respect of NITs, IIITs, Schools of Planning and

Architecture, ‘A ‘Grade institutions accredited by NAAC and recognized by UGC and other institutions covered under DASA Scheme with effect from the academic year 2017-17 and where there is no increase in tuition fees for the academic year 2011-12, the existing limit of 75% of IEC or US$ 3600, whichever is less, in the following year of study.
  1. Students, who secure less than 50% marks in aggregate in an academic year and have obtained clear pass marks in all subjects of study, would be eligible to receive 90% of the scholarship admissible under paragraph 7(b)(i) above, in the following year of study.
  1. Students, who could not secure clear pass marks in all subjects but have been promoted by the Institute/University to the next academic year, would be eligible to receive 50% of the scholarship admissible under paragraph 7(b) (i) above in the following year of study.
(iv) Students who have not been promoted to the next academic year, would not be eligible for grant of any further scholarship.


Admissible amount of scholarship shall be remitted by Ministry or through its designated agency directly to the concerned Institute/University on annual basis. Remittance of scholarship funds shall take place only on receipt of funds from MEA.

[Please note that the total expenditure likely to be incurred in pursuing various courses of study will be higher than the scholarship amount provided. The expenses in excess, of the scholarship assistance being provided by MEA, shall have to be borne by the Candidate or by his/her parents/ guardians. It is in their interest to ensure that they have the adequate financial resources to meet these expenses for the entire period of study.]


Admission of candidates is strictly restricted to the institutes and courses as mentioned in Appendix ‘E’: –


(i) The online scholarship Application Form is available at All candidates are required to save the information filled while completing the online application Form.

Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi shall not be responsible for any delay in submitting the Application form.

(ii) The following documents/transcripts/certificates have to be uploaded with the application Form:
    1. The authenticated transcripts of all marks/grades secured in the qualifying examination i.e. 12th Standard/ Grade The mark sheets downloaded from Internet (CERTIFIED) can also be submitted along with details of Roll No. allotted for appearing in the qualifying examination, name of Examining Board and the URL of the Examining Board's Website from which it has been downloaded, for advance information.
In the case of NRIs, the qualifying examination 10+2 or equivalent (inclusive of 11th and 12th standard) should have been passed from any country listed at Appendix-A only. Certificates for these exams must be uploaded.
    1. Children of Indian workers must have had at least 3 (three) years of education in any of the ECR countries (Afghanistan, Bahrain, Indonesia, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Malaysia, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, Thailand, United Arab Emirates and Yemen) during the last 6 (six) years and passed the qualifying examination inclusive of 11th and 12th standard or equivalent (not beyond). Certificates of these exams/ transcripts, mark sheets must be uploaded with the application form.
  1. Applicant who belong to the three categories i.e. NRIs, Children of Indian Workers of ECR countries studying outside India and Children of Indian Workers of ECR countries studying in India, applicants must submit a self-attested copy of the certificate certifying that the parent(s) of the candidate concerned is/are working in an ECR country since last two years. Copy of his work permit for the ECR country must be submitted.
    1. In the case of PIOs, copy of PIO/OCI card or declaration about proof of 12 Indian origin (attested by Head of Indian Mission) (Valid for next 5 years) must be enclosed with the application.
    1. The marks obtained by the candidates in improvement/compartment examination shall not be considered.
    1. Incomplete/illegible applications in any respect would be rejected.
    1. Income/salary certificate of applicants’/ parents and/or their latest annual income tax return duly signed by the employer and self-attested.
    1. Declaration that candidate is not receiving any other scholarship or financial assistance or any other assistance under any other Government of India or State Government Scheme.
    1. Applicants should attach the conversion scale so that grade achieved in qualifying exam (12th) could be converted into percentage of marks achieved.
    1. Documents should be scanned properly with minimum of 400 dpi that these are clearly legible. 
    1. All the documents should be translated in English and these should be self attested and duly authenticated by authorized translator.
    1. In addition to the salary certificates, an undertaking that total monthly income of both the parents does not exceed US$4000 is to be uploaded. If income tax return is uploaded then it should be authenticated by Income Tax Authority. 
  1. Last Date for submission of Completed Application Form online on SPDC portal ( is 30th September, 2017.

12.1 Visa Status:

All selected Persons of Indian Origin (excluding OCIs and PIO Cardholders) must obtain a valid student visa issued by the Indian Missions/Posts abroad. Visa can be obtained by producing the admission offer letter received from respective Institute.

12.2 Medium of Instruction

English is the medium of instruction at all the Institutes.


All decision of MEA regarding short listing of candidates under SPDC shall be final and binding. Disputes if any, relating to the short listing of candidates under SPDC 2017-2018 organized by shall be subject to Delhi Jurisdiction only.


The application form must be filled in ENGLISH.

ONLY one application per candidate is allowed.

Applicants must ensure that they fulfill all the eligibility requirements for application, i.e. education, age, residence and physical fitness, etc. Grant of scholarship benefit is subject to verification of facts from original certificates /documents.

Dimension of the Passport size Photograph to be uploaded:- 1 Width: 100 px to 200 px

2 Height: 120 px to 230 px

3 Dimension: 200 x 230 pixels (preferred)

4 Size of File: 20 to 50 Kb.

Ensure that the size of the scanned image is not more than 50KB.Upload your recent photograph (20-50 kb) in the appropriate place in the application form.

1. Name

Enter the name exactly as given in the records of the high school college. The same name should be used in all future correspondence.

2. Gender

Please select the appropriate box provided.

3. Date of Birth

Enter the date, month and year of your birth as per the English calendar and as recorded in the high school university certificate.

4. Category

There are 4 categories of applicants i.e. (i) Person of Indian Origin (PIO), (ii) Non-resident Indian (NRI), (iii) Children of Indian Workers in ECR countries-those studying outside India studied outside India (ECR based outside India) and (iv) Children of Indian Workers in ECR countries those studying in India (ECR based in India). Only one choice is to be given. Please select the appropriate category.
  1. Citizenship
  1. Country of residence
  1. Country where you appeared for the Qualifying Examination
Enter the Name of the country from where the last requisite examination is qualified.
  1. Name and Address of Parent/Guardian
    1. Enter the complete name of your parent(s), if parents are not alive you may mention the name of your guardian.
    1. In case of guardian, indicate how you are related to the guardian.
    1. Enter your complete postal address, telephone/fax number/email address abroad and in India, to which all correspondence is to be sent. Update these details online.
  1. Details of Institute where admission has been taken
Enter complete details of the Institute/ University in India where admission has been confirmed. Submit complete details of the course undertaken, duration of the course (Year/ Semester) only for the Academic part of the Course, please do not include internship period.

10. Details of Qualifying Examination

Read carefully item No.3.3 under 'Eligibility Criteria for Admission' of this Information Brochure and give the necessary details of the qualifying examination. In case of any clarification, the applicant may contact the

11. Passport Details:

Provide details of Passport and enclose a copy of the same.

12. Details of study Abroad (only for NRIs)

Provide the number of years of your education abroad out of the last 6 years inclusive of 10+2. Upload documentary proof from your School Principal or any suitable authority.

13. Declaration by Applicant (Appendix B)

The declaration must be signed (Upload scan signature) by the candidate with date and place.

14. Declaration by Parents (Appendix D)

The declaration signed (Upload scan signature) by the parent/guardian with date and place.


Sl. No. Name of the Country Sl. No. Name of the Country
1 Afghanistan 34 Maldives

2 Australia 35 Mauritius
3 Austria and Montenegro 36 Mozambique
4 Bahrain 37 Myanmar
5 Belgium 38 Nepal…[SAARC]
6 Brunei Darussalam 39 Netherlands
7 Canada 40 New Zealand
8 China 41 Nigeria
9 Ethiopia 42 Norway
10 Fiji 43 Oman
11 France 44 Panama
12 France - Reunion Island 45 Philippines
13 France (Guadeloupe) 46 Portugal
14 Germany 47 Qatar
15 Ghana 48 Russian Federation
16 Greece 49 Saudi Arabia
17 Guyana 50 Singapore
18 Hong Kong - China 51 South Africa
19 Indonesia 52 Sudan
20 Iraq 53 Spain
21 Ireland 54 Syria
22 Italy 55 Sri Lanka …[SAARC]
23 Jamaica 56 Sweden
24 Japan 57 Switzerland
25 Jordan 58 Tanzania
26 Kenya 59 Thailand
27 South Korea 60 Trinidad and Tobago
28 Kuwait 61 U.A.E.
29 Libya 62 U.K.
30 Lebanon 63 U.S.A
31 Madagascar 64 Uganda
32 Malawi 65 Zambia
33 Malaysia 66 Yemen



(For applicants who do not possess any documentary evidence of Indian Origin)

I ________________________________ (complete name) born on ___________

(Date of birth) , daughter/ son of __________________________ (Complete name) do hereby state that I am of Indian origin because of the following reasons –


Signature of the Applicant

(Complete Name:- )


Place: ----------------

Countersigned and stamped by Head of Indian Mission Complete Name


Place: ____________

Date: ____________


List of Institutes for which SPDC is applicable. Candidates securing admission in undergraduate courses any of the following are eligible to apply for SPDC:-
  1. Central Universities of India offering Under Graduate Courses;
  1. ‘A’ Grade Institutions accredited by National Assessment and
Accreditation Council (NAAC) and recognized by UGC
  1. National Institutes of Technology (NITs), Schools of Planning and Architecture and Indian Institutes of Information Technology (IIITs) through DASA Scheme
SPDC scholarship are provided only for undergraduate course in following subjects

S.No. Existing Course name Description
1. Engineering/Architecture/Technology B.E./B.Arch./B.Tech
2. Humanities/ Liberal Arts B.A. in Humanities/Liberal Arts
3. Commerce B.Com.
4. Management BBA/BBM
5. Computers BCA/I.T.
6. Journalism Degree in Journalism
7. Hotel Management Bachelor in Hotel Management

8. Agriculture/Animal Husbandry B.E./B.Sc.
9. Sciences B.Sc
10. Law LLB
11. Ayurveda Graduation in Ayurveda
12. B.Sc. Nursing B.Sc. Nursing
13. B.PT Bachelors in Physiotherapy
14. B.Pharmacy B.Pharma


Declaration by Parent/Guardian
Mr./ Ms. _______________________________________________ is my son /daughter / ward admitted at ________________________________________ for the course of _______________________. I Mr./Ms.
________________________________________, hereby give an undertaking to pay regularly all his/her dues to the institute for Tuition fees, hostel fee, and all other fees till the completion of his/her course of studies. I also undertake the responsibility for his/her good conduct. In case of any delay in release of scholarship funds, fee payment to the Institution shall be made by me. I shall not held MEA responsible if the Institute does not allow my son /daughter / ward to sit in Examination for any financial/ performance matter.
I undertake that the expenses towards studies and living expenses over and above the assistance provided by Government of India under Scholarship Programme for Diaspora Children shall be borne by me.

I, hereby, also declare that my son/daughter/ward is not receiving any other scholarship sponsored by State Government or Central Government of India.
Place: ___________________

Date: __________________

Signature of Parent/Guardian _______________

Mobile Number

(Country Code/Area Code)

Email (mandatory)


(On Institution letterhead)

We ________________________________ hereby confirm that Mr./Ms.

______________________ is a bonafide student of this Institution, and has been admitted to the Course __________________(course of study) for Academic Year ___________________ from (Month/Year)_________ to______________ (Month/Year).
We understand that this student has applied for Scholarship Programme for Diaspora Children (SPDC) and in the event of his/her being shortlisted for the scholarship; we shall comply with the documentation required and send to Ministry of External Affairs in due course of time.


Signed and stamped by Authorized Signatory

Complete Name __________ Designation _____________
Date: ------------------

Place: ----------------


Countersigned by the applicant (Complete Name )

Date: ------------

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