enTTech TECHNOLOGY IN ENTERTAINMENT SERVICES Exhibition Mumbai, India March 7-8, 2018

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Mumbai, India March7-8, 2018

Indian media, entertainment and technology services are growing at an accelerated pace on the back of growing offshore services domain, especially in animation, VFX, gaming, AR/VR, film production, location and new media, among others. The Indian animation and VFX services have gained a lot of traction among the international producers and production houses. Top Indian companies have attained leadership to provide niche cloud services for global M&E companies and studios.

The Media and Entertainment (M&E) Industry is one of the most dynamic industries in India with modern technologies acting as a key enabler for providing world-class services to overseas clients/companies. The industry is increasingly witnessing the convergence of media, entertainment and technology creating efficiencies in workflow, revenue streams and unique business models. In an attempt to celebrate India's strengths in the creative and technology services arena, and to partner with the rest of the world, SEPC is setting up a Technology in Entertainment Services Exhibition,‘enTTech’,in Mumbai.

It is an opportunity to partner with a country teeming with aspiring youngsters eager to make their mark in creative services using the latest technology. It is a chance to meet up with companies providing quality services to the greatest blockbusters across the world.  ‘enTTech’ will exhibit an array of services offered by the Indian M&E companies and match make needs of the overseas production houses. We want the companies to have a first-hand experience of meeting up with companies that you would be interested to partner and do business with.

If any company is keen on availing of the Services offered by a large array of Indian companies, it may please register its interest at the ‘enTTech’ portal The SEPC will make enquiries and revert back topossible Greek company with a formal invite which will consist of two way economy airfare and stay for the duration of the event.

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