India The city of Diu is powered solely by solar energy

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The city of Diu, India, became the country's first city to meet all of its energy needs exclusively with solar energy.

The city is located in the southern region of the Indian state of Gujarat, and is ruled directly by the Indian federal government, which has given priority to the development of solar power across the country. Within just three years of focused development, Diu has installed enough solar capacity to serve the energy needs of almost all the 22,000 inhabitants of the city. The city is also in the final phase of the Smart Cities initiative of Prime Minister Narendra Monti, where one hundred cities across India will receive funding and support to make them more sustainable.

In previous years, residents of the city received their energy from Gujarat's state grid, with frequent power outages. Today, local transport systems carry energy more efficiently. Despite the small stretch of just 42 square kilometers, Diu takes full advantage of its limited resources. Solar power plants were built on an area of ​​50 acres across the city, producing 13 megawatts, 10 of which come from ground facilities, while the remaining 3 are solar photovoltaic roof systems. The units produce more than enough power to meet the city's demand, at peak times reaching 7 megawatts.

The transition to solar energy, according to, has also proved cost-effective for consumers, as monthly electricity bills have fallen by about 12% since the new energy system is operating.

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