Reverse Buyer Seller Meets in India for Ceramic Products

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This is to inform that the 2nd edition of the Reverse Buyer Seller Meet for Ceramic Products organized by CAPEXIL will be held  from 11 – 13 September, 2018 at Rajkot and Morbi, Gujarat,  under the Market Access Initiative Scheme of the Ministry of Commerce, Government of India for the year 2018-19. 

The Focus Product Sectors for Ceramic Products are as under:

Electro-Porcelain Insulators

Ceramic Tiles


Ceramic Colours, Frits, Glazes

Ceramic Tableware

Ceramic Potteryware & Gift Items

Other Raw Materials of Ceramic Products

Refractory & Refractory Materials

The main objective of the Reverse Buyer Seller Meet is to provide an opportunity to prospective importers to interact with their Indian counterparts about the requirements and to increase the potential of exports of Indian ceramic products.The itinerary of the events will be informed in due course.  

Registration Fee: The foreign delegates would be requested to defray a part of the expenditure of the RBSM by paying a token fee of USD 250/- (by transfer to CAPEXIL’s Bank Account) before departure from their country. 

The Registration Form for the event is enclosed as Annex I for  kind perusal. It may be pointed out that in terms of Government directive, the delegate(s) must not be Indian passport holder(s) and/or relative of the Indian exporter-participant.

The following personnel may be contacted for further information and assistance:

RBSM for Ceramic Products

Mr. C.M. Dayanandan, Deputy Director 

Mobile: 00 91 9920738053


Mr. Kuntal Ghosh, Executive Officer

Mobile: 00 91 9674992355


Mr. Uttam Ghosh, Executive Officer

Mobile: 00 91 9433018272



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