Webinar on Issues and Perspectives in Indology - 19-21 November 2020

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Issues and Perspectives in Indology

 How should Indian scholars contribute to the generation of a new Indology in partnership with their confreres in the global arena in a manner which is true to the spirit and substance of India’s rich, varied and living cultural heritage? What would be the appropriate epistemological underpinning of such a reconstructed Bhārat-Vidyā that could serve as a vehicle to understand India’s civilizational self? 

Focusing on these questions, Indian Council for Cultural Relations, New Delhi in association with Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute (BORI), Pune is organizing a Webinar  to address some of the methodological, archaeological, historical, sociological, and environmental issues involved in understanding the complexities of Indian society with particular attention to desiderata including the identification and use of source materials, knowledge systems, and methods of translation and interpretation. The objectives of the webinar are (a) to focus on contemporary value/relevance of Indological research (b) to take forward some major debates in Indology, and (c) to stress inter-disciplinary potential of Indology.


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